This site is dedicated to the 1963 graduating class of Waxahachie High School. We are the Indians and we stand with pride in honor of the heritage and bravery of our Native American symbol. We were a class of approximately 150 individuals who thought when we received our diplomas at Getzendaner Park Chautauqua Auditorium on May 30, 1963, that the world would bow to us and success was ours for
the taking. We were so
naive, yet eager to accomplish the goals we had set for ourselves. Little did we know what lay ahead; and never did we consider how much those who dedicated their lives to teaching would influence us to this
very day.
We will forever owe a debt of gratitude to our teachers - those individuals who made that extra effort to encourage us when we didn't do so well on an exam; experienced defeat on the sports field; didn't quite
understand that solid geometry problem; or needed
support when the 'love of our life' dumped us and we had nowhere to turn. They taught, they encouraged, they
consoled, and they befriended. They, along with our

parents and loved-ones, helped make us what we are

today. Thanks for everything.






Waxahachie, Texas - 1963

'The Drag'
- Ferris Ave. from Dairy Mart to Root Beer Stand
'The Acre' - Near Grand Avenue and Ovilla Road
'The Falls' - S. Prong Creek on FM 66 toward Maypearl
'Ellis Drive-In' - Drive-in movie theater on East US 287
'Texas Theater' - North side of the square
'Ritz Theater' - South side of the square
'Appliance House' - The place to buy 45 rpm records
'Dairy Mart' - After class, after a date, or anytime
'Y-Ette' - Late night hangout
'Best Burger' - Good food
'Claud's Cafe'
- Curb service & coconut pie
'Keane's Root Beer Stand' - Curb service & Frito Pies
'Clont's Cafe' - Thinnest hamburger patties in Texas
'Mangan's Cafe' - Sweet potato pie
'Hill Top Cafe' - South side of viaduct
'Optimist Youth Center' - After game & Saturday night dances
'Methodist Church Basketball Courts' - 'Pick-up' games
'The Armory' - Parties, parties, parties


JW Williams - Basketball Coach From 1953-1968




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