Group Picture - 50 yr Reunion - October 5, 2013

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Top Row - L to R
Harlon Lambright, Scott Taylor, Wilson Springer, Jack Stroope, Gary Giles, Mike Allison, Charles Marsh, Sonny Atkins, Gary Ashton, Ronnie Jones

Second Row - L to R
James Parks, Mike Wooley, Ronney Williams, Scotty Rutherford, Susan Scott, Sherrie Montgomery, Jerry Tapp, Tommy Hays, Mike Smith, Linda Wickliffe, Pat Wheatley, Tommy Montgomery, Pat Sullivan, Donna Wakeland, Jimmie Odom, Jackie Burleson

Third Row - L to R
Kaye Hodges, Marsha Gamble, Lydia Campa, Mayann Wright, Sparky Esparza, Anne Walker, Donnie Taylor, Joan Smith, Kaye Freeman, Susan Lewis, Paula Herndon, Margaret Stroud, Mike Sullivan, Celie Chamberlain, Johnny Todd

Front Row - L to R
Sherran Hilton, Barbara Varner, Sandra Youngblood, Nancy Tucker, Laura Linda Boze, Sharon Freeman, Mary Beth Wilson, Melanie Huskins, Linda Stovall, Martha Roark, Sharron Hopkins


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